10 Awesome Techno and Trance Remixes of Classical Compositions

Popular perception has it that if you listened to classical music, you are either way too snobbish, or you downright boring. But then, that’s popular perception and it need not always be right.

Classical music is almost always complex and most people do not have the time or cognitive resources to sit back, and understand the sublime emotions that composers try to evoke. It is not anyone’s fault entirely and it all boils down to not having enough time to learn and discover new things, new art forms and new genres of music. If such is your case too, you can begin with grooving to classical music, thanks to these awesome DJs who have gone ahead and mixed popular renditions of famous renaissance, baroque and romantic composers to suit the tastes of club hopping, beer guzzling attention-deficit busybodies.

These trance and techno mixes of canonical composers would leave you amazed and might even inspire you to learn more about our historical and contemporary musical heritage, which we tend to ignore or shove away. Moreover, it is the Classical Music Month, and it is time we acknowledge classical music’s value in our own unique ways.

In the Hall of the Mountain King Techno Remix

Henrik Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt is something that most literature students would be aware of. If you did not pay attention to your lectures or if you chose to ignore literature, you might at least have heard about In the Hall of the Mountain King. This piece of orchestral music was composed by Edvard Grieg for Henrik Ibsen’s play Peer Gynt. It first went on stage in 1876. TechnoHeroine has uploaded the Techno remix of this classic, which I bet is a great way to begin the list. The next time you think classical music is boring, think again.

Requiem Mass Trance Remix

Mozart is popular all over the world, and even those who know zilch about classical music would have heard his name. If some does know a little bit about classical music and Mozart, they certainly would have heard the famous Requiem Mass in D minor. It was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1791, but he did not live to complete the composition. He died prematurely. Franz Xaver Süssmayr completed the requiem many years later. Back in the present, PapaUnstucK has uploaded a Trance remix of Requiem by Mozart which totally gets you to shake your bootie. After listening to this track, you can safely say that you classical music is right up your alley, albeit, the remixed versions.

Adagio for Strings Techno Remix

Samuel Osborne Barber II was an eminent America composer, who became famous for his Adagio for Strings. It was arranged for string orchestra, and DJ Tiesto mixed it to make it unidentifiable from the original. This modernist classical piece can now be played in any party, thanks to the magical mixing techniques of DJ Tiesto.

Moonlight Sonata Trance Mix

Moonlight Sonata is by far one of the most famous compositions of Beethoven. This piano piece has been one of the first canonical compositions that anyone gets to hear, when they begin their journey through the corridors of classical music. Ludwig v. Beethoven composed it way back in 1801, and more than 200 years later, Moonlight Sonata has been mixed by AriesT1 in trance format. Whoever said Moonlight Sonata can’t be played at full moon beach parties!

Bach’s Prelude Trance Mix

J.S. Bach, the famous German composer’s Prelude has been given a Trance touch by PCBlackStar. It also happens to be the DJ’s first remix ever. If the DJ created their own synth sounds from scratch, it would have been much groovier, feels a commenter on the YouTube page.

Vivaldi’s Winter Trance Mix

The winter is fast approaching, and Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ could just be the right choice to listen to, while sipping on some old scotch in front of the fireplace. However, that would be a little boring for those who need a bit more action on that. AnimeniaofLight has uploaded the Trance mix of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons Concerto in F Minor (Winter). This is just right to set the dance floor on fire!

Ave Maria Creepy Remix

If you believed that praying to Maria (Virgin Mary) could save you from your sorrows, you can now do so in a nightclub. All that you need to do is ask the DJ to play this creepy Techno remix of Ave Maria. I am not sure if your prayers will be answered immediately, but playing this track would surely help you lose yourself in a trance-like state right on the dance floor.

Handel Sarabande Techno Remix

George Frideric Handel was a British composer of German-origin, who used baroque aesthetics in his music. He would be aghast to see his version of Sarabande turned into a Techno number. This remix will let nobody sit on their bar stools!

Fur Elise Techno Remix

Fur Elise is a famous Beethoven composition as well, which has been used so often that it’s almost become a cliché. Fur Elise Techno Remix is a really cool track that begins in a mellow manner but slowly builds up and gets you to shake that thing.

Chopin’s Funeral March Techno Remix

What could be better than grooving to Funeral March by Polish composer F. Chopin? If the party’s coming to an end, and if you feel like you are done for good, you could ask the DJ to play this Techno remix of Funeral March, so that you could metaphorically mourn the passing away of an awesome party that you had during the previous hours.

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