Coca-Cola Vending Machine Makes You Dance for Your Drink

Coca-Cola is well known for their modes of advertisements, and their latest one will have you doing the Macarena or some other weird dance for your drink.

Coca-Cola always likes to find new ways to get people to enjoy its drink, which is probably why it is the number one brand around the world. And not to outdo themselves after plastic bottles and homemade amplifiers, the super-brand has now equipped vending machines with Microsoft Kinect sensors and webcams. What is the reason for this? Well, Coca-Cola wants to see how you get down on the dance floor in an effort to get a free Coke.

What is most intriguing about all this, is how Coca-Cola is using technology for this marketing program. No one thinks of vending machines as a location for top-of-the-line technology, but in recent years, this idea has been disproven with the creation of a vending machine that gives free tea for tweets, a Pepsi vending machines that enables you to gift your friend with a free soda, and even a vending machine that will make you a pizza!

The vending machine doing what it does in South Korea! Look at them go!


As well, Kinects are relatively inexpensive when comparing it to a vending machine, so it is a cost effective tech option to use. It creates a new form of interaction between the brand, being Coca-Cola in this scenario, and the person. As long as people are interested (and who is not interested in doing “The Sprinker” or “The Shopping Cart” in public, certainly not me!) in what the promotion is, they will be willing to do what it takes to enjoy that promotion. It is just another great example of how we, as people, can really start interacting with machines!

This sounds like super fun though! I think I am going to go and perfect my “Running Man” and throw in a couple of country line dancing moves to see if Coca-Cola deems me a “winner” of a free coke. Who’s ready to bust a move!

(Via: Singularity Hub)