Strange Fruits Sorts Sites Based On Color

As designers, finding inspiration and building upon it is a crucial part of what we do. To get the creative gears grinding, I’ll be writing about inspiration sites and resources for designers. For the inaugural Design Inspiration of the Day post, I’ll be covering SF art & design portal.

SF Art & Design Portal

I love web development from concept to execution but I often look for sites that use the same color palette I’ve selected for a project to calculate the good and bad in their design. Doing a Google search for “Sites with a red and grey color palette” isn’t as useful as you think. Site curation based on color is the best approach and I found SF art & design portal during my search for color inspiration.

Strange Fruits features sites based on a certain color palette and breaks them down by their dominant colors (ex: large amounts of blue mixed with small amounts of black). Most are predominantly two-tone but there are a few categories for palettes that infuse every color on the spectrum.

The site has been in operation since January 2001 and is a non-commercial project. Submitting a site is done through the built-in submission form and all sites are handpicked. Only the best of the best are chosen for display.

If you are looking for inspiration of which color palette to use for your next web project or have one in mind and are curious about how other designers have implemented, I highly recommended checking out Strange Fruits.