QR Coding Painting

If you look at things from an artist’s point of view you will discover art in the most unlikely place, style and manner. It can be simple day to day objects, natural ones like tree trunks or clouds or just about anything you could set your eyes on. One similar unusual object that someone decided to use for the purpose of art is QR codes. One might wonder how this could be possible but seeing the results one is sure to be left spellbound. Scott Blake, the Florida born artist, has created a portrait of Amy Goodman, a multitalented American. Amy is well known as a broadcast journalist, syndicated columnist, author and investigative reporter. She is also the principal host of the program Democracy Now! This is an independent global new program that is broadcast across the television, radio and internet. That definitely proves to be good choice for a portrait. The means used for creating this portrait is quite a novel one. He has used the QR codes, a gift for the world from Japan. QR is the short for Quick Response and these codes are a store house of information. You can say they belong to the bar code family but are far superior. They can be spotted in magazines, business cards, billboards, or any other object about which you could need information. The best part is that unlike bar codes they do not need a hefty machine for scanning. Most smart phones are capable of scanning these codes and extracting information. QR codes are becoming a rage now and Blake could not stop himself from trying out an art piece using these popular codes. He had already experimented extensively with bar codes and now was the time to try something new. He has made use of a wide variety of codes. In all there are 2,034 codes used in this portrait and each code will lead you to a Democracy Now video. And these videos are not just a handful but span over nine years. This portrait is not any other simple portrait that presents the image of a personality but one that reveals the life and works of the person extensively. The QR codes incorporated into the portrait are very wisely used bringing out a perfect blend of light and shade. Every aspect of the image is in perfect coordination presenting an excellent piece of art completed with sincere determination and dedication. This probably is the first time that QR codes have been used so extensively to create an art piece but is definitely an inspiration for many more artists to create something new. While this is mind boggling, Finger Painting iPad Art, Star Wars Family Portrait and Fruit Ninja Portrait are fabulous, too! Via: Flickr