Combination Bottle Lock Keeps Your Booze Safe

‘Tis the season to lock away all your precious bottles of booze, so that none of your unexpected guests drink more than you would like them to. The following gadget might come in handy in such scenarios.

There isn’t really much to say about Lockey Bottle Lock, as this ingenious gadget is called. It is made of stainless steel and features a combination lock. Upon setting a combination, the top must be twisted to secure it. This way, the wine, liquors or any other beverages people might want to keep safe, are protected against children or unwanted guests.

The gadget is currently available on Amazon for $23.99. At the moment this article was written, there were only 12 left in stock, so anyone who wants to keep their alcoholic beverages safe should hurry.

As with YouTube comments, Amazon reviews are often hilarious. For example, here is what a user called JPK wrote: “So, I came home last Thursday night: hammered. Decided ‘yeah, that bottle of pinot would be DELISH at 2 AM.’ Luckily for me, I was so plastered my fingers couldn’t work the dials. After about fifteen minutes of fumbling the dials I fell asleep on the linoleum in my kitchen until about 3 PM the next day and woke up to my cat licking my face with that sandy tongue. Brilliant. Not only does this stopper thwart thieves, I still have a nice bottle of pinot.”

Smumum is the author of another terribly funny review: “It’s been years since I’ve had my alcoholic family over for a nice dinner. Now I can sit comfortably and worry free that when my drunk brother asks ‘to use the bathroom’, I know he can’t partake of my liquor cabinet. Thanks!”

If the holiday spirit finally got to you and you decided to share some of that collection wine with your guests, you can use such a hands-free wine aerator to make sure that it has the best possible taste. The hands-free wine aerator sells on Hammacher Schlemmer for $79.95. The price is adequate, in my opinion, as with a bit of care such a product could last a lifetime.

Finally, here is possibly the best episode of Black Books, one of my favorite British comedies, starring the brilliant Dylan Moran as Bernard Black and Bill Bailey as Manny. The episode’s title, Grapes of Wrath, refers to booze, so this is a related theme. If you have 25 minutes to spare, I highly recommend watching it, as it is definitely worth it!

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