Using Comic Book Pages to Make Bowls

When you get bored from some of your comic books, those non-vintage ones or just issues that aren’t that special or worth much money to collectors, don’t just throw them away. Don’t even throw it to the recycling bin. Better – make bowls of them.

How to do it? Well, here are the words of the creator herself – What is amazing is it’s the simplest process. You just take each page and roll it around a ruler so you have a strip, scotch tape each strip together until you have a big long streamer… and then you roll it tight like a jelly roll. Once you get your jelly roll, like a big wheel, you just push gently. Then you mod podge it to keep it stiff.

Making bowls isn’t the only use for those useless TMNT comic books. This specific ‘artist’ decided she can also use it to make picture frames using interiors from the comic book issues.