Converting Instagram Photos into Extra Special Gift Wrap

Now you don’t have to open your mobile device to send Instagram photos for family and friends to appreciate. Why not wrap up their Christmas gifts in special gift wrap made from photos you took yourself?

picpaperie 3

Picpaperie is an Instagram project launched by Northern Imagination. Through this innovative idea, the group wants to let mobile photographers preserve favored moments by printing the pics on wrapping paper. They said it makes your presents extra special and gives it a more thoughtful feel.

Basically, all you need to do is open the Picpaperie app on your device. Then you select your Instagram photo and choose from any of the gift wrapping patterns available. The app then sends the order to San Francisco where your customized gift wrap will be printed then shipped to your doorstep. They are currently accepting orders just in time for the holiday season.

picpaperie 2

A set of two includes up to 10 square feet of wrapping paper, customized with any two of your chosen Instagram photos. They will also throw in two lengths of twine to complete the package. This basic pack costs $25 and includes shipping and handling. Other package prices range from $75 to $375. The more wrappers you order, the more variations in your Instagram photos can be included. You get more savings and discounts when you order more prints and wrappers, too. All wrappers are printed on high quality acid-free paper.

picpaperie 1

Northern Imagination is a San Francisco company that was established in 2013. One of their goals is to promote art and creativity through photography and other innovations. Currently, the Picpaperie project is on Indiegogo and is hoping to raise up to $20,000 in funding.

Imagine how extra special your Christmas gifts will be with these personalized wrapping papers? Your family and friends will surely cherish these preserved Instagram memories. The challenge now is opening your presents without having to tear off the gift wrap!

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Via Laughing Squid