U.N. Squadron HD Intro Remake By Rickonami

Take off for full epic-ness with this awesomely recreated intro to a classic 16-bit shooter on the SNES.

rickonami UN Squadron remake header Image

I love U.N. Squadron. Guilty as charged, lock me in jail, and throw away the key. It’s one of the best 2D horizontal-shooters on the Super Nintendo and boasts a soaring, up-tempo soundtrack that is an automatic top choice among its 16-bit class. Perhaps, YouTube user rickonami shares this same deep love for the game like I do, because how else could this tribute for the game turn out so stellar.

Aided by the slick guitar licks of musician’s vertexguy and Grospixel, rickonami has recreated the opening intro to U.N. Squadron (you can check out the original here for a refresher) in glorious high-def, new animations and all. Ric is a pro at making similar videos based on other famed gaming properties, and even though this one reportedly was made on a short time due to outside circumstances, it’s still unbelievably cool.

I would like for Capcom to take notes if ever they decide to copy ric’s efforts for a true HD-remake, but who knows where their collective heads are these days; probably opening up another Resident Evil-themed restaurant in Shinjiku or something. Plus, who knows if they even remember U.N. Squadron in the first place. I believe there’s no way to play it besides having an actual SNES-cart of the game.

Oh, and if you loved vertexguy and Grospixel’s awesome musical remix from the video above, which is based off the starter level from U.N. Squardron, you can listen and download the track from Grospixel’s website. For free, of course, just like round-up of geeky content here on Walyou, such as this unbelievable Super Mario Bros mural or incredibly delicious-looking Dr. Seuss Cake.