8 Outdated Items It’s Pretty Cool to Have

Everything is becoming smaller and more compact. Sometimes we don’t have to surrender and simply give up while technology makes us give up on the things we love.

There’s nothing wrong with having actual CDs, books and photo albums in your house, even if it’s more efficient to have them all on your tablet.

An Actual Photo Album

Photo Album

While most of our pictures are on Facebook, Picasa or simply in some library on the computer, roaming through actual photos in an album can be quite fun in a nostalgic kind of way.

Stationery to write letters

Writing letters

Even though everyone writes e-mails and texts these days, some people still write letters and getting a letter does make you feel pretty special.

Physical Music Copies

REAL Albums


CDs, Vinyl and Cassettes. It might be old fashioned, but it’s awesome to have them.

Having Tons of Books



Kindle, iPads, tables. There’s nothing wrong with having about 1000 books you don’t really have room for clogging up your study.

Address and Phone Book

Phone - Address Book


We use our phones for everything these days, but it doesn’t make you any less cool if you have to look up an address, name or phone number without having to press a button.

A Recipe Book

Recipe Book


Stop using Google Docs or going online to find how to make meat balls. This should be in every kitchen.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knife


These things used to be everywhere not too long ago. They should still be appearing that often.

A full bar set

A full bar set


There isn’t a place or time that’s wrong for a little alcoholic sip.

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