Beam Me Up, Scotty, to the LEGO USS Reliant!

USS Reliant, the fascinating Miranda-class vessel from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, had to be recreated in LEGO at some point, and trekkie Christer Nyberg finally did it.

Swede Christer Nyberg is more than just a regular trekkie. According to his Google+ profile, he has deep interest in the classic Star Trek, not in the new, mediocre and lifeless reboot. 350+ photos stand as proof for this statement. However, the LEGO Star Trek vessel that he created may be a bit more relevant than the photos he collected. Building the LEGO vessel must have taken a lot of time. It is estimated that this USS Reliant replica was made out of between 10 to 15,000 LEGO bricks. To make it even more attractive,  Christer Nyberg also included LED lights that illuminate the starship in a wonderful way, as you can see in the below photo.

In Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the genetically engineered superhuman tyrant Khan Noonien Singh hijacks USS Reliant and attempts to his revenge against Captain James T. Kirk, whom Khan considered guilty for the death of his wife and followers. The attempt is unsuccessful in the end and Khan detonates the Genesis device, thus destroying the USS Reliant. Hopefully, the LEGO reproduction of the Starfleet vessel will not share the same fate. Additional photos of the starship can be seen in this Flickr album.

Without a doubt, Christer Nyberg’s LEGO USS Reliant is an undeniable proof of how much this trekkie really loved the classic Star Trek films and series. The attention to details is remarkable, as he made sure that not only the exterior looks fantastic. The cargo bays were also done with great care. Five years ago, a paper model of USS Reliant was first seen on the Web and the ones who are willing to dig deep are still able to download, print and cut it. However, this LEGO replica of the starship is an upgrade like few could have hoped to ever see.

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