Could Samsung Be On of the Main Suppliers for the Next iPhone?

Despite the vicious rivalry between the two companies, it seems that Apple and Samsung are going to work together on the next iPhone.

iPhone Teardown

It’s no secret that Apple and Samsung do not like each other. The two electronics manufacturers have fought it out on everything from patents to territory and with Samsung controlling a majority of the smartphone market (a market share that they would do anything to protect), the companies are constantly battling each other for sales.

Apple certainly seemed to have dealt a mighty blow against its South Korean rivals late last year when they released the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Whilst the two iPhones couldn’t compete against Samsung’s high-end handsets on power, they did compete on size, meaning that those who would have bought one of Samsung’s famously large-screened handsets opted for Apple’s devices instead.

The two phones did famously well, becoming the best selling iPhones to date, something Samsung was likely unhappy with. But as this rivalry wages on, could Apple and Samsung actually be working together? A new report seems to suggest so.

Samsung HQ

According to the Maeil Business Newspaper in South Korea, Samsung will be the main supplier of chipsets for the next iPhone. According to MBN’s sources in the semiconductor industry, Samsung beat out competition from Qualcomm and TMSN (two other big names in the industry) and will be proving around 75% of the chipsets for Apple’s next flagship. Meanwhile, Reuters added that Samsung will be making the chipsets at their Austin, Texas plant.

While the information could just be brushed off as a rumour, there are also plenty of reasons to believe it. First and foremost, there’s the fact that Samsung has provided Apple with chipsets before, having worked with them on the iPhone 5S. Apple chose to work with TMSN for the iPhone 6 instead and while it’s unclear as to why TMSN haven been dropped, Samsung and Apple have history. Furthermore, Samsung has had issues with Qualcomm’s chipsets recently, saying that they overheat so this could also have been a factor in Apple’s decision.

Apple’s next iPhone is unlikely to be unveiled for a few months, but we’ll have more for you then.

Source(s): MBN, Reuters

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