Star Wars snow sculptures are unbelievably cool

Sapporo’s snow festival has begun in Japan, and along with it came many incredible, beautiful and well designed snow sculptures.Yet it was a very particular set that caught our attention, one featuring the most recognizable faces from Star Wars.

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 4

The centerpiece of this year’s Snow Festival at Sapporo Japan is an incredible Star Wars themed sculpture which draws equal inspiration from Star Wars and Mount Rushmore – the Keystone national monument featuring the faces of historical American presidents.

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 5

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 1

The sculpture itself is 15 meters high, 22.6 meters wide, and 20 meters deep according to ITMedia y Game Watch. Over 700 tons of snow were used for its creation, which required some five trucks to transport it to Sapporo. This is the most snow that has ever been used in this festival, according to their creators.

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 2

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 7

Star Wars Snow Sculpture 6

Via Nerdgasmo

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