8 Geeky & Funny Cozy Fleece Blankets to Keep You Warm

It’s raining, snowing and basically freezing outside, so this is the time to make yourself warm and all snuggly with one cool, cozy fleece blanket.

What is a cozy fleece you are asking? In case you’ve missed recent news, a cozy fleece blanket is the hottest thing for those cold nights, keeping you warm while sitting in your living room and watching some TV. It’s basically a warm blanket made from a fleece fabric and what makes this blanket so cool is the fact it has sleeves, so your hand and arms are all snuggled up while you are reaching for something, or just want to change the channel on the TV.  Now after we’ve established that a cozy fleece is a neat thing, let’s really go all the way with it. Why settle for a boring cozy; geek it up with one of these epic looking cozy fleeces.

He-Man Cozy

funny He-Man Cozy fleece blankets

By the Power of Greyskull, now you can look like the most powerful man in the universe with this He-Man cozy. Available for $37.92.

 Optimus Prime Cozy Fleece Blanket

FUUNY Optimus Prime Cozy fleece blankets

Transformers fans, with this Optimus Prime cozy you can stay warm and look like a robot in disguise; Win! You can get it for $32.92.

Voltron Cozy

FUUNY Voltron Cozy fleece blankets

Each time you’ll put this Voltron Cozy, you’ll be warm and cozy and have your hands free to use the remote or defend the universe. You can get it for $37.92.

Skeletor Cozy


Wanna look like He-Man’s arch enemy while snacking on potato chips? Now you can take over Castle Greyskull with this Masters of the Universe Skeletor Sleeved Blanket. You can get it for $37.92.

Wonder Woman Adult Comfy Throw with Sleeves

Wonder Woman Adult Comfy Throw with Sleeves

Feel like a crime-fighting vigilante while laying on your couch and watching some television with this awesome Wonder Woman comfy throw, which you can buy on Amazon.

Iron Man Cozy

iron-man-snuggie-cozy-fleeceThis comfy throw is all about making you feel like the Marvel superhero Iron Man. You can get it here on Amazon.

Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket


This Jedi Sleeved Blanket is perfect for any Star Wars fan; it’s Officially-licensed Lucasfilm merchandise, and it comes with a hood and two pockets in the front. You can get it on ThinkGeek.