9 Super Creative Elevator Designs

If you add up all the time you’ve spent in your life going up and down in elevators, you’ll probably get to a few years (???!!!) including the wait for it or even getting stuck.

With that in mind, some clever people around the world realized that even something as mundane as travelling in an elevator is worthy of some amenities and improving your comfort and interest with the ride you’re taking.

Cake Elevator

Food technicians and artists took a month to install the unique walls inside the lift of the offices of the communications firm Engine on Great Portland Street, Central London, inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Scary Elevator

The Apartment Elevator

A hotel in Philadelphia, making people feel comfortable by designing the interiors of elevators to look like living rooms.

Bathroom Elevator

Not a moving elevator, but an empty shaft designed into a bath room with a glass floor, hanging 15 stories above the ground just to freak you out while you’re having a private moment.

The Aquarium Elevator

An incredible design of an aquarium engulfing the elevator. This, if you’re planning on experiencing the ride for yourself, is located at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin-Mitte.


They SkyView is an elevator in Stockholm, Sweden, Built on a structure argued as the biggest spherical building in the world.

Mercedes Museum

Sort of a speed-elevator inside the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, running along the tracks, making the fast ride last only 30 seconds.

The Gingerbread Express

This elevator is embedded with nearly 1,000 cookie bricks, 222 pounds of frosting, 178 pounds of sugar, and 103 pounds of chocolate.

The Relax Elevator

Not just a room, but something that actually resembles a fully-equipped apartment, with a table, coffee maker, lights, books, shoes, slippers, shelves, hangers, a clock, mirror and the makings of a series of meals.

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