13 Creepiest Faces You can Make With Food

I can still remember my mother saying “Don’t play with your food.” She actually still says it, despite the fact that I’m married. Some people didn’t listen to their mothers when they were young, and it turned out to be a horrible mistake.

Why? Because by following the obsession to make food look as human as possible (although sometimes these are just freaks of nature), they created food-art that will haunt the dreams of the more gentle souls who stumble upon this post for years and years.

So Human-Like its Frightening

Scary Face

More Eerie Reality

MOre Eerie Reality

The Smoking Monstrosity

The Smoking Monstrosity

An Evil Mushroom in a Sea of Green


More Evil and Smiling Mushrooms

More Evil Mushrooms

The Onion of Your Nightmares

Onion of your nightmares

Bieber is Scary as Food

Bieber is Scary as food

Scary Pork Luncheon Meat

Scary Pork Luncheon Meat

The Things That Hide Inside a Watermelon

What Hides inside a Watermelon

The Watermelon with a Tongue

More Watermelon Insane Horror

The Screaming Banana

The Screaming Banana

The Pumpkin Piranha

The Pumpkin Piranha

The Horror in the Cracker Bowl

The horror in the cracker bowl

For a less haunting touch on food, here are 15 Deliciously Geeky Foods, an example of people using their talent for good instead of evil.