Ultimate Halo Gaming Room With an Arsenal of Replica Weapons

Check out this ultimate gaming room decorated with hand-crafted weapons from Bungie’s Halo series.

Halo game room by Andrew Cook image

If ever Master Chief needed a place to “chillax” from protecting the human race from the scourge of the Covenant, he should no doubt feel right at home with a nice cold one in hand in this impressive game room dedicated entirely to the Halo series, filled with some gnarly looking memorabilia that includes several replica guns and swords, hand crafted and not store bought.

The person behind this ultimate Halo gaming room is New Zealand’s Andrew Cook, a talented young props maker who’s crafted almost every piece of fictional Halo weaponry – a bunch from the Mass Effect series too – all on his own. In fact, Andrew has his own YouTube channel where he describes the construction of each stellar replica.

Halo and Mass Effect replica weapons by Andrew Cook image

So if you wanted to know how to make a Halo 4 Forerunner Suppressor, a Mass Effect Vindicator Assault Rifle, or specific battle armor and helmets for each series, I totally recommend visiting Andrew’s YouTube account and see the tons of videos regarding the subject. Awesome stuff.

Judging by his kick-ass gaming room, you’ll be learning how to make some killer replicas from a person who’s pretty passionate about Halo and Mass Effect, and honestly, those people make the best kind of teachers. Oh, and they also make the best folks to cover all sorts of geekery, i.e. our passionate Walyou staff bringing you geeky nesting dolls and a hacked NES that keeps the office socializing to a minimum.