Creepy Shadow Art in an Abandoned Asylum

How do you make an abandoned asylum even creepier than it already is? Fill it up with paintings of creepy shadows, just like Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione is doing.

Baglione is working on a project called 1000 shadows, which is pretty much painting shadows in abandoned buildings. He travelled to Parma in Italy for his portion of his project.

The creepy aspect of these specific set of photos works when you imagine walking in the now empty asylum, thinking of the shadows as ghosts or the trapped souls of those who used to be housed in the place.

Ghost Going Through the Door

Ghost going through the door

A Walking Miracle

A Walking Miracle


The Table Has a Soul

The table has a soul

The Creepy Look Back

Creepy Shadow Looking Back

You can follow his 1000 shadows project on Instagram. For more creepy art, check out these Pokemon, looking a lot scarier than usual, or these haunting artworks of TV shows like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

(Via: io9)