9 Comic Books We Wish Existed

For us regular folk, without any artistic talent, there’s only hypothetical debate about What ifs and such. Once in a while we get crossover comic books when Superheroes who share the same universe, or even from two different ones, to satisfy our theirs for a bit of a change.

Luckily for some, they can actually pick up a crayon or two and draw up whatever they fantasize. Rusty Shackles website is one of the best in the business, especially if you’re looking for your favorite Marvel and DC heroes in a little bit of unconventional situations, drawing up comic book covers that you wouldn’t normally see  in the retail store next to your home.

Justice League Meets the Wu Tang Clan

What happens when Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman meet Method Man, RZA, GZA and other brilliantly named rappers? I guess we’ll never know.

Black Cat and Mary Jane Watson

Seems more like wishful thinking of a dirty fan-boy mind.

Alien vs Predator vs Ted Nugent

Being a reserve police officer and a lover of anything related with hunting, we definitely see Ted Nugent taking it up with two extraterrestrial beings.

Superman and Jimmy Olsen

Yeah, they do belong to the same comic book and universe, but I don’t really see THIS scenario actually taking place.

Batman and Motorhead

Batman has always been too good for these fools.

JLA Luchadores

I think Mexican wrestling pays better than vigilante work.

Put your money on The Flash in this one. Trust me.

Marvel Beer

Benn Grimm and Flint Marko sharing a cold one.


Would you buy a Burger from this man?