The Appealing ‘Crowd’

Designs in the technological field are never ending. Each product is given a new face and the ones that carry the maximum appeal make it big. Yet another design of the notebook has been revealed which is sure to have the ‘wow’ factor. It is called the Crowd and has been designed by Philipp Schaake from Germany.

The Crowd is still a concept but has already become a topic of discussion. To begin with it was adjudged the runners up at the Fujitsu Design Award 2011 competition. With such a positive start, the Crowd is sure to have a great future ahead. As of now, since it is a concept, not much has been revealed about its features and specifications. However, whatever little has been revealed is enough to arouse curiosity about the product.

One of the very unique features of the ‘Crowd’ is the expanse of the touch screen area. In fact there are no separate areas for screen and keyboard. The entire interior is a touch screen area with different sections lit up for different functions. Broadly speaking some of the key areas on the screens can be classified as a clock, energy status, buddy list and keypad. Both screens are attached with a hinge in the middle. It is not necessary that you use both screens. You can easily share half your notebook with your buddy. Just detach from the hinge and . . . presto, you have two tablets in hand.

The detaching feature is sure amazing. But if you want your piece to function as any other notebook all you have to do is connect the two sides and enable the keyboard. Just like any other traditional notebook you will have a screen and a keyboard. The only difference here would be that your keyboard will be touch screen. The token is another feature to be checked out over here. Formed like a small flat ring, the token is the part that helps activate the interactive playground.

Another unique feature of the ‘Crowd’ can be seen on the cover. It is no ordinary cover as it gives you the freedom to work without even opening the notebook. When in a hurry, catch up on all necessary online activities without going through the process of opening it. It is a product that guarantees maximum comfort and minimum hassle.

Features are sure to be many more once the product goes in to actual production. For the moment we can only wait and watch.

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Via: Tuvie