SWITL Lifting Robot is Like Magic

With robots becoming utilized increasingly more in a variety of industries, it’s no surprise that new innovations are being made almost daily. This weird machine specializes in lifting awkward objects. The SWITL, shown to us by Geekologie, is mostly shown off in these videos lifting condiments; it may not be the most practical of uses for the device, but it’s quite impressive. The people demonstrating its capability are shown smearing ketchup and mayonnaise on a flat surface into a gel-like smear of varying consistency. The paddle-like arm of the SWITL extends, gliding beneath the goopy mess with ease, hardly even disturbing its shape. The condiments remain on the belt’s surface and can be re-deposited as needed. I can’t think of many practical ways to put that to use aside from maybe plating dishes in a restaurant.

SWITL Loading Robot

The paddle/plate is Teflon coated and quite thin, but it’s still amazing to see the smooth surface quickly move beneath the condiment smear like some sort of reverse ‘tablecloth trick.’ Fortunately, they do show other uses this machine can be put to, one of which is meat-packing. The hand can lift thin slices of meat and fold them with ease before placing them in trays which can be wrapped later on down the line; the narrator says that this fully automates the process, something which I imagine would also cut down on the risk of contamination from human involvement.

Another possibility is the movement and packaging of liquids stored in bags. With two flat paddles “sandwiching” around the bag, the liquid level is kept even, allowing them to be stacked alongside each other more evenly without wasting space as bottom-heavy bags would do. All in all, this is one of those things which could work its way into a staggering number of industries, but we’ll have to wait and see just how many are the right fit for the SWITL. For other evidence of the impending robot takeover, check out our articles on the Ham-Slicing Robot and the FRIDA Compact Robot Torso.