Cthulhu Lamp: Cthulhu Brightens Up A Room

You might be surprised when you find that the best lamp piece for a room comes in the form of the cosmic entity of Cthulhu, the Elder One.


There’s a man behind the madness, and he goes by Karl Dupéré-Richer… at least, that’s the closest the he human vocal apparatus can come to reproducing the syllables of his name. He created it using “the back of one PVC patio chair, 14 chair feet, one flowerpot, one umbrella base, two bike tires, 30 cans, many pieces of PVC pipes, one acrylic globe light, some car body parts, a few pieces of garden hose and about 1,000 devoured human souls.” We believe the last part, definitely.



Source: Technabob via Neatorama

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