Cthulhu’s Skeleton Sculpture For Daring Satanists

Now here’s a thing that should not be. This is a recreation of Cthuluh’s would-be skeleton (is Cthuluh even a vertebrate? Damn you, Lovecraft) by an artist… made of real bones, and then some.


The guys at forgotten boneyard have truly created something special by recreating Cthulu in the creepiest sculpture we’ve seen yet. This is an actual sculpture made of dead things, such as mink, raccoon, and beaver bones. We’re sure all of them led long and happy lives, and died of old age, though.


To be honest, we still have a hard time imagining what Cthuluh would look like, but this one might be our favorite rendition of the demon we’ve seen so far. Congrats to the artist!


Source: Obvious Winner

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