Custom-Made Guts Man Operation From Kodykoala

Do you have the “guts” to operate on a Mega Man boss? Well then perhaps this cool custom board game is for you!

Custom Gutsman Operation Game image 1

Paging would be robot-surgeons. Your skills are desperately needed in Guts Man Operation, a clever gaming twist on the classic Milton Bradley board game where players try to meticulously remove wacky items from their patients without touching the sides.

Because if you do… BZZZZ!!! Haha, such a butterfingers.

Now, the original patient zero in Operation was “Cavity Sam” – yes, he had a name – but he’s been replaced here by geeky craftsman Kodykoala with Mega Man 1 baddie, the metal-headed brute Guts Man, who somehow found his way at the bottom of the scrap pile.

Custom Gutsman Operation Game image 2

And instead of using your handy tweezers to get rid of cartoonish ailments, you’ll have to deal with blown circuit breakers, busted thrusters, and fuzzy fiber optics. Think of yourself as George Clooney from the hospital drama E.R., except living in a world where he was to face the broken aftermath of one of Mega Man’s heroic adventures.

Oh man, that’s such a cool idea for a TV show. No body steal it okay, I’m going to tell the President of Hollywood as soon as I find his cell number.

Custom Gutsman Operation Game image 3

Kodykoala really did a bang-up job with his self-made board game, which you can purchase over at his Etsy page. Every item included is wonderfully hand made, from the game board (hijacked from a licensed Ironman Operation board game, no less), box, playing cards, and money. This probably explains Kodykoala’s asking price of $255… but a price fully worth it on collectable coolness alone!

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