10 T-Shirts That Kids Shouldn’t Be Wearing

Children these days grow up a lot faster than a generation or two ago, at least when it comes to awareness regarding sex and violence. Still, it doesn’t really help if you encourage them by buying them t-shirts that actually might make it worse.

No, not all the shirts coming soon come in kids’ sizes, but you can imagine a teenage girl wearing one of them and thinking how cool she is for having ‘Kiss the rim’ on the front, or worse, on the back, everyone knowing perfectly well it doesn’t have anything to do with basketball.

Or maybe have one of your kids walk around with a shirt that has a knife drawn on it, saying “hey kids, put me in your enemies.” Yes, charming.

Some “role models” shouldn’t be followed. Young hot moms who wear “MILF in training” T’s aren’t the people you want your children looking up to and trying to be like. The list you’ll see next is the kind of shirts you need to start worrying about if one of your kids starts asking for.