9 Famous Villains in Their Cute Form

Even villains need to be good sometimes, or at least get a little positive recognition. Despite their whole existence being about possessing power, killing and making life quite miserable for the protagonists of their respective universes, even these guys can be viewed as cute sometimes.

Florey likes to see the bright side in everything, even the most homicidal of fictional villains, making quite a cute collage of bad guys at their most lovable.

Cute Villains

So who are the villains standing before you?

Top row, left to right – Megatron, not in his Michael Bay form, but in the shape we grew up as kids on – a white, semi-funny, semi-menacing robot that turns into a gun and bickers with Starscream; Skeletor, the bane in the existence of He-Man, or in his narcissistic form, Prince Adam. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, another one of the brilliant evil, yet comical depictions Gary Oldman gives his villainous protrayals.

Second row, left to right – Venom, who had an awful movie adaptation, but is usually quite awesome in the comic books and other works of art; Freddie Kruger, the nightmarish version of the beloved Wolverine; Predator, who simply exists to kill people.

Third row, left to right – Shredder, Oroku Saki, whose main goal in life is to make the existence of four turtles and an overgrown rat quite miserable; Hannibal Lecter, who loves eating people with some nice seasoning; Joker, just a man, who no one really knows how he became this way, but is deliciously insane, making him the greatest comic book villain of all-time.

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