Metal and Ink Collide: Extremely Cool Cyborg Tattoo

No Voight-Kampff empathy test could clarify if she’s a real human or a cyborg, we’re telling you.


We couldn’t really say if android DO dream of electric sheep or not, but what we’re sure of, is that they’re extremely cool, and combining them with one of our favorite forms of art (that is, tattoo) is an epic win. If we really had a metal spine, we’d be riding the biggest bikes in the world at full speed: no accident could ever hurt us. Luckily for pedestrians, that’s not the case, though. Oh well.

We got this cool lead courtesy of our friends at Geekfill. For more geeky tattoos, check out 20 Awesome Video Game Tattoos and 22 Awesome and Geeky Pacman Tattoos