Cyvasse board from ASOIAF, 3d printed and ready to play

George R.R. Martin adds a lot of things to give color to the world of Ice and Fire, and although we can’t know everything, nothing stops us the fans from imagining.

Cyvasse board

Fans of the Song of Ice and Fire saga (adapted for TV as Game of Thrones) might remember Tyrion’s time playing a game not unlike chess in A Dance with Dragons. The game was called Cyvasse, and while it was never fully explained by George R.R. Martin, Michael LePage had enough information as to imagine what it looked like, and furthermore, create his own playable board printed in 3d.

GRRM claims that the game is a”mix of Chess, Stratego and Blitzkrieg”, and we know the pieces are made of onyx and ivory. Furthermore, pieces are themed after dragons, trebuchets, heavy horses, and so on. Also, we know Myrcella and Trystane used to play over a board with “squares of Jade, Carnelian and Lapis Lazuli”, which suggests a hex grid, if you take the three colors into account.

People interested in the game can get their own set for $304 USD at Shapeways and fantasize about challenging Peter Dinklage themselves. Sound like a plan for a slow Saturday, huh?

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