New “The Dark Knight Rises” Character Posters

Now that we’re finally seeing the Avengers hype winding down, it’s time to get serious and get on with the preparations for the biggest cinematic event of the summer for me, The Dark Knight Rises, as new character posters for Batman, Catwoman and Bane see the light of day.

I’m not dissing the Avengers – Great movie, and you have to appreciate Marvel’s work by putting together all these films and characters so they don’t have to waste 30-40 minutes on back-story when they put them all together. It was a pretty decent financial decision as well, judging by the box office numbers.

But Nolan’s final take on the Dark Knight and the chronicles of Bruce Wayne has been four years in the making and the waiting. After Heath Ledger’s incredible performance as The Joker, you think about nothing ever being able to beat that. Well, here’s a shot to prove that notion wrong. The trailers look awesome, and even Catwoman doesn’t sound like such a bad idea than it did initially. Lets hope we won’t be disappointed.

Batman / Bruce Wayne / Christian Bale

Seline Kyle / Catwoman / Anne Hathaway

Bane / Tom Hardy