Dark and Surreal Art Looks at Man vs the Universe

Dark. Powerful. Meaningful. Prophetic. Tomasz Alen Kopera describes some sort of surreal world in his paintings, with more than a slight touch of magical and abnormal, but always with sadness, melancholy and something simply bad going in the world he creates through his art.

Kopera seems to be exploring the battles between humanity and nature, between the light and darkness, between god and something else. Maybe that’s why we see all these angels in depressing situations. Kopera himself says that the inspiration for his creations derive from “human nature and the mysteries of the Universe.”

To me, it looks like humanity trapped. Like something constraining us and holding us down. Nature isn’t described as a positive force, or at least the art doesn’t give that kind of feeling. Mankind being choked by nature.

All the art in this post is taken from Kopera’s Tumblr blog, Echoes of Lost Dreams.