Darth Vader Hair Dryer

Never again will your hair be dull and lifeless! Dry and style your mane with the power of the Force with this cool Darth Dryer product concept.

Darth Vader Hair Dryer 1

Designer Tembolat Gugkaev of Russia proudly showcases his quirky take on the Sith lord. Gugkaev and his Behance profile has displayed several of his product designs. Who would have thought that Darth Vader would look so awesome as a hair styling product?

Darth Vader Hair Dryer 2

Okay, so this cool design is actually just a portion of Darth Vader’s signature mask, now made into air vents for the hair dryer. It’s almost as if you can hear his heavy breathing as you dry and style your tresses. Even without the complete Darth Vader head, this item’s Star Wars theme can easily be recognized, especially by geeks and fans of the Force.

Plus, the sleek and shiny black body gives the Darth Dryer an extra sinister look. Whether you use it to get ready in the morning or just for display along with your Star Wars memorabilia, this product concept will be super fun to have! Fans will surely be lining up in stores once Gugkaev decides to really sell his product. For now, styling Star Wars geeks will just have to settle for their regular uncharacteristic hair dryers.

If this trend continues, Star Wars fan girls will definitely appreciate other hair styling Jedi tools … like a light saber-shaped curling iron perhaps? That could be a design Gugkaev might want to draw up next.

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