This Imitator Horse Mask Isn’t Easy to Copy

When a team puts in hard work to produce a high quality product it takes pride in it. It is welcomed with opened arms and also lays the grounds for inspiration. Sometimes this inspiration goes a bit too far and what results is imitation. However, Bob Basset does not mind being imitated, provided the imitated product maintains the standards. Now that could be difficult for an imitator to achieve and this is exactly what we see in the imitation Horse Mask.

Bob Basset has recently revealed an imitation Horse Mask that has been produced in lines with the one created by the Bob Basset team. If you are familiar with the quality of products that are offered by Bob Basset you will not disagree with the fact that every piece is a masterpiece in itself. Every little detail is paid attention to with the end result being a stunning product.

In the year 2009 Bob Basset came up with a Horse Mask. The resemblance of the mask to the horse was very precise. The black colored stallion face had every little detail etched out in leather. The texture, the shape, and the size were precise to the point, like every other product. The leather mask brought the viewer almost face to face with a horse. The effects were not only achieved by the shape and texture. The ‘decoration’ part also had a huge role to play. As you can see, the horse is complete with bridle and reins with a well groomed mane as well. Adorning this mask would give sheer pleasure and also a sense of pride. Where else can you get such a perfect horse mask?

There is, however, need to be a little cautious when purchasing these masks. You may come across imitators too who fail to give you the same quality as you would find with Bob Basset. For someone who is familiar with Bob Basset it will not be difficult to identify an original from an imitator. If you are among the ones not familiar it is time to get acquainted. Compare the imitator horse mask with the original and you will be sure to differentiate the two. In fact, selecting the better one will be a child’s play. The imitation piece cannot match up to the original in any aspect. Consider the texture, the shape, the bridle, or the mane. Nothing seems to be matching up to a real horse.

One factor that might appeal to you would be price. But would you like to buy a substandard product or a good quality product that looks good and is comparatively more durable? The choice would sure be the latter one and this is where the imitator loses out on the original. Choose the best for lasting happiness.

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