Slide to Unlock Magnet Inspired by the iPhone

The iOS is a very familiar operating system for anyone who’s used a mobile Apple product like the iPhone or the iPod touch.

While most phones have a button combination to unlock the phone, the iOS – having a very limited range of buttons – simply requires the user to slide their finger across the screen. This sliding feature is the inspiration for this funny “slide to unlock” magnet that mimics the look of the unlock screen.

slide to unlock magnet

For only $6.99, there are so many funny things to do with this magnet – it would look great on just about any metallic surface you can think of. I’d be reluctant to put it on my car, though, even if it looks cool in the product photo. A magnet this neat would definitely be stolen the first time you left your car in a parking lot, and unlike a bumper sticker, there’s no way to actually secure it to your car.

The obvious choice would be to use it as a fridge magnet, but I think a more unexpected application would be better – for example, sticking it on your sliding door (assuming it has a metallic frame). You could even attach it to a filing cabinet at work to add a touch of personality to an otherwise dreary office. Either of those would be especially appropriate as they both require a sliding motion to open.

While I think the magnet is a really clever idea, it would be cool to see the slide to unlock feature as a sticker or a clinging decal. Stickers can go just about anywhere, while there just aren’t that many metallic surfaces for a magnet to stick to – my house doesn’t even have a magnetic fridge surface!

The slide to unlock magnet isn’t the first product to capitalize on this unique iOS feature – we’ve also seen the unlock doormat, which combines utility and geeky charm. Of course, the “slide to unlock” feature is just one of many distinct aspects of of the iOS. For instance, the icons used by Apple products have had a plethora of inspired works like the iPhone pillow set or the iPhone app manicure.