Let Me Disassemble You: Deconstructed Art by Todd McLellan

Sometimes its harder to built a product than tearing it apart, right? usually its true, but knowing how to disassemble it and making it look amazing after, is not an easier task ether.

Canadian artist Todd McLellan knows how to disassemble products and he is doing so in a very unique and artistic way that all is left to say is “wow!”. It all started from a kindergarten finger painting class and grew from there,  he has a passion for creating visuals extending beyond one discipline.

The beauty of his work is the simplicity of it, he manages to make is look clean, elegant and intriguing all at once, Simply a work of art.

In his work you can find old products such as, typewriter, dial phone, radio and bicycle that got disassemble into their core elements and are being presented with an artistic touch.

Want to watch him in action? Check out this awesome video and see how it all happens.

Some of his unique work is also available for sale.