Disney Princesses as Burlesque Showgirls

One thing contemporary artists who are tuned in to the trends of the internet love to do is present a not so innocent version of Disney characters, and especially Disney princesses.

MADHANZ is one of the most interesting artists you’ll currently have the chance to stumble upon his work, and his take on the world of fairy tales and sickening naivety is taking the world of Burlesque, and dressing it upon Disney princesses, along with a surprising figure as their ringmaster.

Featuring Mickey Mouse as the Ringmaster

Micky Mouse Ringmaster

Mickey can’t look any pimier than this.

And his Number One Girl – Snow White

Snow White

Who might be hiding a dwarf or two under that dress, at least in the beginning of the act.

Followed by Jasmine from the Exotic East

Jasmine Burlusque

The Not-So-Sleepy Beauty, Aurora

Aurora Burlesque

A Much More Confident and Empowered Cinderella

Confident Cinderella

Belle, the Beauty Without the Beast

Belle Dancer

And Out of her Element Ariel

Out of the Water Ariel

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