iPhone Games in Real Life [Video]

Ever wonder iPhone games would be like if they were recreated in real life and set to one really catchy song? Here’s a video that answers that question.

iphone games in real life

A couple of people apparently had way too much time on their hands and decided it would be a good idea to recreate a series of iPhone and iPad games in real life. Ever wonder what it would be like to see grown men dressed up as Angry Birds and falling down all over the yard? Well, check the video below to find out.

There’s something purely awesome about all this. For one, these are some of the most addictive, simple and fun games out there, and by the look of this video, at least half of them were as much fun to perform in real life.

In case you’re wondering about the song, our source for this awesome video pointed out that it’s called “Why Don’t We Do Something?” by Hey Geronimo. What? No, I’ve never heard of them before, but I’m glad I did now.

Anyways, enjoy the movie and see how many of these goofy and iconic games you can name, or at very least recognize, and then try not to get jealous that you didn’t think of doing this first.

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