The Ketchup Applicator Robot

We love robots here at Walyou. They build our cars, vacuum our floors, and finally, one robot does another job that no human wants to do: put ketchup on their food.
The Automato57 is mounted on treads and moves around the table, dispensing ketchup on your plate. Or at least in theory it does. In practice it usually gets ketchup everywhere but on your delicious fries or burgers. The name is obviously a play on “automaton,” “tomato,” and Heinz’s “57 varieties.”

If you think this robot is so ridiculously awesome it could only be invented by someone who went to MIT, then you’re probably right. Actually, two someones: Bill Fienup and Barry Kudrowitz. Automato57 is based on an earlier ketchup-dispensing robot, the much less appetizingly named “Catsup Crapper.”

What’s scary is that Fienup is out of the industry, while Kudrowitz might actually get a Ph.D. out of MIT. I guess his adviser hasn’t seen the robot.

Here’s the robot in action with an appropriately epic soundtrack:

The original video was released by the team a few years ago, but YouTube user creepsinc dubbed the “20th Century Fox” music played (badly) on a flute on the clip, and made this into comedy gold. Not that the original robot wasn’t already hilarious, mind you. It’s always good to remember that geeks have a sense of humor as well.

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via: Bit Rebels