A DIY Daft Punk Helmet

After creating the Guy helmet Harrison Krix is back with the Thomas helmet. The two helmets can be identified with the very popular duo band named Draft Punk. The manner in which he has successfully given shape to the two helmets sure proves that he is one of the very ardent fans of Draft Punk. Krix has also made sure to tell all his followers the entire process adopted by him in making the helmet.

The Thomas helmet was preceded by the Guy. Being the second one, Thomas was a little easier to make. Krix had gathered experience with his first one and used all his learning, his positives and negatives, to the utmost. To create the basic structure of the helmet he used ¼ inch MDF. This not only proved more stable but also gave a better shape. The gaps were filled up with polystyrene insulation foam. With careful trimming and sanding the shape of the helmet was achieved. What followed were several rounds of coating, drying and sanding until the sturdy and solid structure was achieved.

To create the front portions of the helmet Krix once again made use of styrene. As against the Guy he decided to make the ears with a detachable feature. He has, in fact, given it an Electroma style. When all pieces were well put together the helmet received a couple of rounds of primer coating and leveling. He had to make sure that the head looked absolutely even. It is only if the surface is leveled that the painting comes out even and bright. Though it was freezing cold in the month of January Krix managed to get the perfect primer coats thanks to his portable spray booth. He had built this mostly from scrap material but it works excellently enabling him to work without any worry of weather conditions.

Harrison Krix’ experience in making this helmet can be judged from the time he took to create it. As against his first project that took him five months, Thomas took him only four weeks to complete.

Working as a graphic designer Krix finds time to give shape to his hobby of creating replicas and props from some of the most popular movies and videogames. Krix features his creations on his blog Volpin Props and one of the very recent ones featured here is the Thomas helmet. The perfection displayed in this creation is amazing, and that too when the entire thing is done by hand. It is a piece that is appreciated by every Draft Punk fan. Moreover, as Krix puts it, it might “inspire others to take on the DIY mantle and tackle some projects of their own”.

Though it takes some serious efforts to make one, this DIY helmet design is sure to turn several heads towards it. Why don’t you also take a look at Helmet with Hovding Effect, Iron Man Helmet and Spiderman Motorcycle Helmets.