14 Awesome DIY Tree Ornaments For Christmas

Christmas is about food, family, snow and ugly sweaters. It’s also about trees and decorating them, opening a window to get quite creative with some ornaments you can make on your own, with some help from the Internet.

Harry Potter Fans Need a Golden Snitch On Their Tree

Golden Snitch

Directions here.

While Star Wars Fans Need This Death Star LEGO Ornament

Lego Deathstar

Be warned, it’s quite difficult to make.

Clear Ornament With Sprinkles

Sprinkles Directions Here.

Cinnamon Applesauce Heart Ornaments (Non-edible!!!)


Directions here.

Making Something Out an Old CD

The Old CD

Directions here.

Balls of Yarn Finally Become Something Useful

Balls of yarn ornaments

Directions here.

Take an Old Map And Make an Origami Ornament Out of It

Map Origami

Directions here.

The Slightly Similar But Completely Different Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers.

Directions here.

The Wonderful Yet Shocking Christmas Pickle

Xmas Pickle

Directions here.

Salt Dough Also Makes For Some Wonderful Tree Decortations, JSYK

Salt Dough

Directions here.

Recycle an Old Ornament With Some Newspaper


Directions here.

Melted Crayons Make Incredible Ornaments

Melted Crayons

Directions here.

Taking Animal Figurines And Turning Them Into Glittering Wonders

Glittery Animals

Directions here.

It’s Not a Christmas Without an Igloo Hanging From the Tree

Xmas Igloo

Directions at Rust & Sunshine.


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