Eat Healthy, Eat Better With Fooducate

Often in an urge to eat healthy, people eat unhealthy food unknowingly, and this is due to lack of knowledge of which food are healthy and not. Now, eat healthy and eat better with Fooducate without any confusion.

Gear up to make your supermarket choices healthier when you set to buy packed food items from a supermarket.  Fooducate is a new iPhone application that is currently available at the App Store. This is a fabulous application that helps you buy better food for yourself and your family. You will be saved from the confusion created by nutrition labels with the help of Fooducate.

Moreover, using the Fooducate application helps you get a relief from the tiresome job of checking out the ingredients for judging the health factor of your food. It also relieves you from the tiredness of health claims and hype. Next time, make sure to get Fooducate before hurrying to the supermarket if you really want to buy healthy food.

This great iPhone application, created by dieticians and concerned parents, is typically based on the latest scientific nutrition research with a pure objective to help you get healthy food. It is also important to know that Fooducate is not tied with any food company to tell you which food is healthy or not.

Using iPhone Camera for an effortless scan UPC barcode, this innovative iPhone application works well with all iPhones, iPads, and iPods. You just need to follow three steps to get healthy information about the foods you select in a supermarket; first, you need to scan; second, you need to see; and third, you need to select. On devices without a camera you manually enter the barcode digits.

By pointing the iPhone at Barcode, the Fooducate  application scans automatically and you get to see the info instantly on your iPhone. If you will then carefully notice, then you will get the product rating as compared to others in the market through this application.

Another interesting thing about the app is that it shows you calories per serving. The app reveals the facts that many food manufacturers hide like containing of Trans fat, actual amount of added sugar, preservatives and artificial colors.

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