Doctor Who is Now The Last of The Time Lords [Infographic]

Doctor Who is the longest running science-fiction show of all time, yet surprisingly not many people know of it. If you want to brush up on your Dr. Who knowledge to impress, look no further than this infographic.

Doctor Who Infographic

Designed by Bob Canada, this infographic can serve as the “SparkNotes” on the popular British TV show. There are a lot of seasons to go through if you’re just getting started, and even for those that have watched it from the beginning, it’s nice to get a little reminder every now and again. The infographic gives short blurbs on all 11 doctors, goes over interesting biological information on his species of Time Lords (has two hearts, is over 900 years old and is the last of his kind), has some interesting facts about the plot points and the Doctor and also gives some background information on the TARDIS – The Doctor’s time machine.

Besides the anecdotal information, what makes this infographic really great are the illustrations. All of the Doctors are drawn in a characteristic caricature style and dressed in their recognizable garb. The attention to detail is great even though it appears cartoonish and certainly highlights the different personalities of each Doctor. Even the TARDIS is done well and, according to Bob Canada drawing it “was incredibly hard” due to all the recessed panels and little details. Still he gets it right and pulls off everything well enough to satisfy any “Doctor Who” fan.

While this infographic might not do a whole lot of good for some one completely new to the show, it will give a good background to the lore, different incarnations of the Doctor and interesting tidbits to get people started. It might have been nice to add information on the Daleks as well, since they are the main Big Bad of the show, but perhaps another infographic can fix that.

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