Computer Parts Meets AT-AT: Star Wars Recycle Art Sculpture

Using recycled materials to create has been in vogue for quite some time, and Sage Werbock has brought the fad back again with his cool AT-AT sculpture, which was created by using old scrap computer parts, sheet metal and such other waste materials. Sage Werbock is also known as Great Nippulini and strangely he is known as the “man with the world’s strongest nipples”.

The AT-AT sculpture meanwhile is rather impressive and stands tall and strong, just like our man who created it. Sage used power supply boxes extricated from old computers to create the main body. He used floppy drive housings to create the head and with the help of scrap metal, he created AT-AT’s legs and feet.

The various body parts of AT-AT were welded together and 2 coats of cold galvanizing primer were applied to create a glossy look. However, AT-AT cannot be shiny and glossy as the ‘Walkers’ are used to fight battles and to traverse the landscape of unknown planets in Star Wars. For this reason, the sculptor randomly ‘attacked’ the AT-AT sculpture with a welding arc in order to create scars.

Sage has created just one AT-AT sculpture with the help of used computer parts, and it is now being sold for a price of $450. If you are a great fan of Star Wars, and if you believe in creating art from recycled material and scrap instead of creating industrial waste, you should head straight towards the online shop and purchase it.

AT-AT is one of the walkers from the Star Wars, which are basically vehicles that travel around the alien terrain with the help of mechanical legs. AT-ATs have played an important role in the outcome of various battles fought in the Star Wars. If you miss purchasing this amazing sculpture, you could take a look at other cool AT-AT merchandize that we have featured earlier. The AT-AT Model Toy, Lego AT-AT and the Plush AT-AT Soft Toys are examples of such merchandize.

Via: Leet Lady