7 Super Cute Superheroes Taking Their Kids to School

Superheroes have families too. That’s probably something everyone knows, but did you know that the their kids love dressing up like their parents?

That’s how French artist Andry Rajoelina envisions it – with Batman and Superman and Wonder Woman and others holding hands with their kids, taking them to school.

The creepy/cute thing about it? Both the adult superhero and their kids are in costume. Maybe they’re on their way to a halloween party, but maybe it’s a Junior Justice League school kind of thing.

The Bat-Family

Batman Family

Batman doesn’t have a family, although the Court of Owls storyline did suggest he does have a brother, but in any case, it makes sense he takes in little kids and turns them into superheroes.

Super Family


If the little kid on the left is a young version of Superboy, Superman is actually holding hands with himself.

Wonder Woman Family

Wonder Woman Family

Raising the next generation of stuck up Amazonians.

The Arrow Family

The Arrow Family

Until you grow up, you don’t get to shoot real arrows

 The Flash Family

The Flash Family

There’s no chance these guys will ever be late for school.

Green Lantern Family

Green Lantern Family

This one makes me feel kind of sad, because Green Lantern doesn’t get a kid, but a projection off his ring.

The Aqua Family

Aqua Family

I’m pretty sure the kid is as lame as his dad.

For another interesting interpretation on a famous fictional character and his child, check out Darth Vader, Father of the Year.

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