Final Fantasy Replica Swords Created By an Inmate

Yes, we couldn’t believe the title either, but that is exactly what it is: a Wales inmate at a Category C UK prison in Monmouthshire created these.

Final Fantasy Matchsticks

We understand that people need something to do while in jail, but we bet no one expected this: a crafty inmate recreated with astounding detail some of the most recognizable blades of the Final Fantasy series by gluing matches. Even more shocking, these weapons were honed until they were lethal. That’s right, an inmate had a functional Masamune in his cell, according to the security staff, which was dangerous for other inmates, security or visitors, so they were confiscated. Still, this is nothing short of crazy.

The Final Fantasy series has always had some of the most recognizable weapons, although criticized at times for being overly ridiculous and impossible in real life. Despite that, they’re visually impressive, and that’s what matters the most in a fantasy video game. In the picture above we can recognize Cloud’s Buster Sword, Sephiroth’s Masamune and Squall’s regular Gunblade, which even had a fully revolving barrel, amongst others. Frankly, we can’t wait to see what is this guy gonna do once he does his time.

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