Dr. Seuss Meets Star Wars

Star Wars has had its share of parodies, funny art and hilarious costumes, and to add to that are these great Dr. Seuss Star Wars comics.

dr seuss star wars comics

dr seuss star wars comic design

Cartoonist Adam Watson has started these as doodles and with extra encouragement, really made something great out of them. As he believes, the weird Star Wars Universe makes for a good combination with the goofy world of Dr. Seuss. I agree wholeheartedly!

dr seuss star wars comics image

star wars dr seuss comics

We have seen many other goofy (but cool) Star Wars creations before that are definitely worth having a look at: the Star Wars Papercraft Stop Motion video, the 26 bizarre Star Wars Costumes, or for a quick laugh, check out the Surprised Darth Vader.

star wars dr seuss comic design

star wars dr seuss comics image