Doctor Who TARDIS Gadget Skins

It might not make your favorite device bigger on the inside or allow you to travel through time & space, but it’s a smashing good way to dress it up Doctor Who-style.

Doctor Who TARDIS skin Kindle Fire Image

Doctor Who?! Why the British sci-fi television series that’s been an epic phenom for five decades and running in it’s native homeland, of course. And since it’s 2005 reincarnation on both the BBC and BBC America, Doctor Who has lately become intensely popular across North America and all points elsewhere.

Alright — I can still tell a meaty lot of you in the audience are looking at me like I’ve gone “plum loco”, so please allow me to set the show’s premise. Doctor Who follows a humanoid alien adventurer named The Doctor, who travels, either solo or with a companion, around any given point in time and any place in the universe thanks to his (not) so trusty time/space traveling machine, the TARDIS. Which, oh-by-the-way, is a bright blue police call box.

Usually every fun-packed episode of Doctor Who involves some kind of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff; more precisely, visiting the great poet and playwright of our time, William Shakespeare;  getting stuck on a planet full of scary angel-statues, which kill anything that turns their back on them; and saving the Earth on Christmas from an evil race of heavily-armored aliens — EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!

Ahem. Sorry for that. Just a force of habit (more like force of being a giant nerd, really…)

Doctor Who TARDIS skin iPhone 4s ImageDoctor Who TARDIS skin iPad 2 Image

Now as for the TARDIS itself, the blue box — as it’s nicknamed — is now an iconic piece of British pop-culture history. In fact, around some spots in merry ole’ England, you might even see a few actual TARDISes on street-corners and what not as homages of sweet nerdy affection for the show. Although if flying thousand of miles just to visit a TV-show prop is out of your budget, then getting one of these awesome TARDIS skins for your favorite device should suffice.

Available through Etsy shop stickitskins, these fab TARDIS skins come in a variety of cover options, from the Kindle Fire, iPad 2, and iPhone 4/4S. Even better than just looking incredibly cool, which heck-yeah do, they’re also incredibly priced within reason; the most you’ll pay is around $20 bucks! Not a bad price to pay just to show your deep love for The Doctor with pride, I’d say.

But perhaps though, you would like to continue your love for all things Doctor Who. Well then, I would wisely take a look-see at this amazing Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver that’s just been recreated. If not, then you might be interested in these real Minecraft-designed sculptures that are mighty great looking.