Mineways Turns Minecraft Designs into Real Sculptures

An open-source program called Mineways lets you turn your favorite Minecraft designs and creations into actual sculptures.

mineways sculpture

(Image source: Flickr)

Have you ever been worried that all the time you sink into Minecraft might be going to waste if no one ever really gets to see all the awesome things you create? Well, good news: a new program helps you turn your Minecraft creations into miniature sculptures.

According to our source, an open-source program called Mineways lets you “build anything from the game” and turn it into an actual object. While in the past we’ve seen programs that let you only create objects and avatars, this program lets you capture entire sections of your carefully crafted landscape.

The program captures segments of the world and allows you to import them into a 3D rendering program. Once you’ve done so, all you need is your very own 3D printer; or, if your budget is slightly lower, send it to someone like Shapeways where they can print it and mail it to you. Simple sculptures go for around $12, while more complicated ones can set you back upwards of $30.

Check out the video below where the entire process is laid out step-by-step for you.

I’m not sure about you, but I think I might have already figured out what everyone I know is getting for Christmas next year. I’ve always liked the idea of giving people something unique and that you made yourself, but I’ve never really been much for traditional arts and crafts.

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