World’s Largest Dragon Bridge Spews Fire

We have all heard about the mythical dragon that breathes fire into the air. It has a symbolic significance in countries like China and Vietnam. It symbolizes victory, strength, valor and sometimes even kindness and honesty.

dragon bridge 3

With that being said, it should not come to us as a surprise that the authorities of the port city of Da Nang in Vietnam decided to build a dragon bridge that literally breathes fire. It is also the world’s largest dragon bridge, and I think there are no competitors anyway. The dragon bridge commemorates the end of the bloody Vietnam War and comes with 2,500 energy efficient Philips LED lights. The dragon can release bursts of fire and spit water depending on the occasion. It certainly is a sight to watch and if you ever visit Vietnam, be sure not to miss it.

dragon bridge 2


The bridge cost a whopping $85 million to build and work began as early as 2009. The bridge connects Da Nang’s beaches with the city’s international airport and resembles the dragon of the Ly Dynasty. The bridge has a 166 meter long arch and is the longest such structure in Vietnam. The dragon measures almost 568 meters and weighs more than 2,000 tons. It is certainly going to be one of the must-watch monuments in Vietnam and in all of South East Asia.

dragon bridge 1


Dragons have a symbolic meaning to them and considering how many people gave up their lives during the Vietnam War, I think this can be seen as an anti-war monument dedicated to all the soldiers, both American and Vietnamese, who died during the war. Of course, several thousands more died among the civilians in Vietnam. Vietnam may have had a bloody history, but this monument at least pays tribute to the painful story behind Vietnam’s present peaceful conditions. Probably it is time to visit Vietnam!