Anderson: Dual-Mode Laptop Concept with Endless Possibilities

Here is yet another noteworthy entry as recognized by the Fujitsu Design Awards 2011. This computer concept entitled, “Anderson” is a winner of the Judges’ Special Award picked from thousands of awesome entries.

Anderson 1

Anderson 2

The award-winning designers for Anderson are Ma Yiwei and Tao Ying from China. Their brilliant concept explores various aspects of popular gadgets used today. For instance, Anderson has the slimness of tablet PCs, the hand-held portability of smart phones, and the multi-functionality of laptops.

Anderson 3

What are the dimensions of Anderson? Its square body measures only 16.5 centimeters on all sides. And when the laptop is closed, it’s less than 2 centimeters thick. But don’t be fooled, as big features come with such a little package.

What is exceptional about Anderson is that unlike regular laptops, this computer has a two-hinged design. You can flip the cover open in portrait mode to view web pages and type just like a usual netbook or laptop. However, you can also reorient the screen so that it’s alongside your keyboard, and you can read documents and files just like a real book or magazine.

Anderson 5

Anderson 4

The portrait mode is ideal for people who work on desks or those computing on any flat surface like a tabletop. This allows for easy typing and navigation. For people who are traveling or constantly on the go, landscape mode creates a handy option so you can keep working on your files, even when there is no table present.

Other computer designs that garnered acclaim at the Fujitsu Design Awards 2011 include the EcoPad, which generates power with every touch and tap. Also, take a look at this Tray design, which makes use of sustainable materials like wood for a sassy-looking laptop. Plus, another big winner is the Bento by Rene Lee, an excellent piece to check out.

Via: Design Boom