Tray by Robert and Matthew Swinton

Here is yet another noteworthy design from the recent Fujitsu Design Awards 2011. The Tray concept merges mobility and sustainability in one neat package.

Fujitsu Tray

Robert and Matthew Swinton aptly named their project, Tray. It is one of over 3,000 entries that were shortlisted in the event sponsored by Fujitsu and Design Boom. Upon first glance, the most noticeable feature of this laptop computer is the wooden tray. According to the designers, this feature was inspired by the need for eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Fujitsu Tray 2

The LCD screen for Tray can be propped up onto the wooden base where it is held securely by magnets. The Tray also houses a removable keyboard and touch pad, which may also be secured by magnets depending on the user’s desired configuration. Two colored buttons are seen on the upper corner of the tray, and these are actually the computer’s memory storage devices. Each pellet carries up to 20 GB of storage space.


Another unique feature of Tray is that there is a notch below the LCD screen, which is an ideal area for pencils and pens. The simple and portable system also makes it easy to sync devices together, whether it is between the computer, a mobile phone, tablet, et cetera.

Reminiscent of docks used for iPads, the LCD screen for Tray can also be positioned in portrait or landscape mode. If the user wants to watch movies on the screen, the wooden base can be rotated so the keyboard and touch pad are hidden from view, and the screen looks just like a slim plasma TV. When the computer is closed, a shoulder strap can be attached for convenient carrying.

Other projects that were commended during the Fujitsu Design Awards include the Bento by Rene Lee, and the Fujitsu Touchpad Keyboard.

Via: Design Boom