A Tablet that Is Powered by Touch

With so many gadgets going green these days, wouldn’t it be nice to have a device that recharges on its own? This brilliant EcoPad concept is an energy-efficient tablet that gives new meaning to the power of touch!

EcoPad 1

Designed by Yonggu Do, Jun-Se Kim, and Eun-Ha Seo of Korea, this EcoPad won the Fujitsu 2011 Judge’s Special Award. The inspiration for the concept is the limited power supply of batteries for many mobile devices, including phones, laptops, and tablets. Most users are dependent on plugging in their gadgets whenever they run out of juice.

EcoPad 2

EcoPad 3

What’s special about the EcoPad concept is that it generates electricity while it is being used. The secret is a thin NANO piezoelectricity film beneath the touch screen. This means that every touch and tap on the tablet provides power for the device, this technology termed by the designers as EcoTouch. EcoPad’s unique design eliminates the need for adaptors or wall chargers, and provides a continuous and almost perpetual energy supply.

It does have a practical application for the millions of tablet users across the globe. Imagine, you probably tap on your iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Tablets thousands of times in a day. Think of how convenient it will be if your device creates its own energy as you surf the web, play games, or listen to music.

The Fujitsu Design Awards 2011 has brought together the best and brightest minds with their awesome concepts. Pretty soon, the world will enjoy other award-winning concepts like this Bento by Rene Lee, and this Fujitsu Touchpad Keyboard.

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Via: Design Boom